Make High Heels Wearable Again! — My Secret Weapon Against Foot Pain

Make High Heels Wearable Again! — My Secret Weapon Against Foot Pain

It is one of womanhood’s universal truths — every trendy pair of shoes you deeply fall in love with must have a stiletto heel. Designers always enjoy making gasp-worthy high heels but the elegance will come with quite a steep price.

The agony of the infamous high heel.

I do not say no to a stunning pair of heels as much as I dislike the sore feet And I have tried it all to make them more comfortable. I have used insoles and silicone pads of all kinds. I tried to expand them out — I even asked my partner to wear them for an afternoon or so while playing computer games just to try and stop them from squeezing my feet.

But all that is over now, because I have found a secret ingredient against heel pain. I stumbled across DoctorInsole ‘s latest, doctor-designed, high-heel patch.

Discovering HighSteps at DoctorInsole was like unleashing a superpower. Suddenly, I could walk up in stylish high heels for hours without any discomfort at all. Think about all of this — all the charisma (and height!) that will raise your beloved heels without the horrible cramping and discomfort.

The best part? DoctorInsoles are compatible with the footwear you already possess. You know, the ones that sit in your cupboard because you are scared of putting them on? Those awesome silver shoes you look at longingly, recalling that at the end of the night you once wear them to your cousin’s party and wanted a piggyback ride to the car? DoctorInsole HighSteps can make them very comfortable indeed.

And what is DoctorInsole doing that other inserts can not do? I am just so grateful that you asked.

Okay, I am not a podiatrist, but I am somebody who over the span of her adult life has used a thousand different insoles. The insoles you might buy in the drugstore?

Those insoles are engineered not to assist them, but to cushion your feet. And sure, at first, they feel great —. But in reality they are not treating the true triggers of foot discomfort, which have to do with foot location and assistance.

Think about it — if the body is squeezed in an awkward place, whether you are surrounded by pillows it does not matter. A non-ergonomic chair can inflict discomfort although it is smooth. The same holds true for your shoes.

DoctorInsole inserts are actually designed to keep your foot in a position that is more comfortable and supported. This is particularly important with high heels, as the weight of each step is divided up so unequally!

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should pick up your own pair!

  • You get to enjoy all of your most stylish and sexy high heels in greater comfort for much longer
  • No! More! Ankle! Rolls! I definitely don’t miss the embarrassing stumbling!
  • They are practically invisible — the sleek suede cover is totally discreet
  • They don’t slip around or shift position like other inserts, so you never have to stop and re-adjust!
  • They are perfect for work and play — I wear mine to the office, on dates, and on girl’s nights!
  • They actually help improve your posture, which keeps you looking even fiercer!
  • They cost literally a fraction of what custom orthotics cost, so they’re a good choice for any budget!

DoctorInsole HighSteps are a lifesaver for anyone who loves wearing high heels. My main problem now isn’t foot pain, but trying to keep myself from buying all of those gorgeous heels that I’d been too afraid to purchase!


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