Discover the Ancient Chocolate Recipe 97% of Women Haven’t Even Heard Of Yet…

Discover the Ancient Chocolate Recipe 97% of Women Haven’t Even Heard Of Yet…

All of us enjoy having delicious food – but we always face problems with calories and weight!

But what if, you could eat chocolate AND lose weight?

If you’d have told me a year ago that the answer to my fitness struggles was to eat more chocolate, I’d have assumed you were crazy.

I found an ancient formula that would transform everything I learned about candy, excess weight, and even self-esteem.
Because this recipe for chocolate was the secret ingredient I would often overlook.

So then I applied that to my life, it was like discovering the last piece of the puzzle, and all of a sudden it everything seemed to follow suit.

My weight, my hunger pangs, my emotions too!

And if it was not for the mouth-watering dish that I am going to share right now with you.

I would still have been the angry, depressed and nervous woman I used to be.

Researchers uncovered a bizarre connection between reversing obesity and the polyphenols found in this super chocolate

First, scientists fed two groups of mice an excess diet of carbs and sugar to get them nice and plump…

Once their mice were clinically obese, they fed half of them this ‘super-chocolate’ and the other half no chocolate at all.

In ‘scientific terms’, researchers said there was “significantly reduced visceral and subcutaneous fat accumulation accompanied by a significant reduction in the adipocyte (fat cell) size…with no additional energy expenditure”.

So I asked myself…

What if this could work for me as well? What if I could use this super chocolate to drop extra fat and help tone up?

How incredible would that be!

This entire time, I’d been searching for a way to keep my cravings away, but what I’d uncovered seemed like something MUCH more powerful.

It’s called Lion’s Mane and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years.

The benefits of Lion’s Mane are huge, it’s considered to be an “adaptogen” which means it has effects that truly adapt to the needs of the body.

If you’re stressed and unfocused, Lion’s Mane can help you be more focused. A lot of people actually take it for better memory, focus and concentration.

Plus, this medicinal mushroom contains antioxidants that help support overall cellular health 8.

And it turns out, Lion’s Mane works synergistically with Cacao, because they’re both energizers, unlike other adaptogens like Ashwagandha, which has a sedative effect.

I combined these with other superfoods like Organic Turmeric, Organic Cinnamon and creamy Organic Coconut milk… and whipped up a powerful Chocolate Superfood Elixir of my own


End to Food Cravings

CacaoJoy finally made it possible to end cravings while eating the food I love most – chocolate!

Daily Feelings of Bliss

That’s because cacao helps the brain release a ton of pleasure and feel-good chemicals such as… Serotonin, Theobromine, PEA (the “love chemical”) and, Anandamide (the BLISS molecule)!

Antioxidant SUPERFOODS

High-quality Cacao has more antioxidants than most “other” superfoods, making it an essential part of your diet. Combining that with Organic MCT Oil, Turmeric and Cinnamon makes it even more potent!

Zero Sugar, BUT…

It tastes so good! Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, you’d never know it was no-sugar! Satisfy your sweet tooth with no blood sugar spike.

Supercharge Your Coffee

Most women and men simply mix a scoop into their morning coffee for a superfood pick me up with extra benefits!

Power-Up Your Smoothie

Toss CacaoJoy into any smoothie recipe for a chocolate taste with a powerful health punch!

Make Your Protein Shake Actually Taste Good

One scoop of CacaoJoy turns your protein into something you’ll be looking forward to!


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